... by Karl (the drummist!) Randall

I started playing guitar at first, being influenced by any long haired, 100-mile-an-hour metal band.

This gave me the taste of live rock n roll, spending my paper round wedge on every gig I could get to.

After the harsh reality hit me that my guitar "talent" was about the same concept as Frank Bruno attempting to dance Swan Lake, I tried bass... I was crap at that too!

I then saw "The Song Remains The Same" video at the age of 15 and fell in love with Mr. John Bonham... I'd heard Led Zep stuff before but never really listened to it... Being a drummer was now my quest.

I then joined as many bands as possible and played pretty much every night in various local dives, playing everything from dinner jazz to Metallica covers. After a time, I ended up touring with a funk band and played at Glastonbury supporting The James Taylor Quartet... which was nice!

I then answered an ad in some muso magazine to join a blues rock band, I turned up and met Mr. Dean Rees (His Royal Swirleyness), who was at that time playing a mean Hammond in STRAY.

For the last five years or so, Dean and myself have played with a number of bands always looking out for each other , such as me suggesting "You could always stick a bit of Hammond in there mate... I know just the bloke".

We ended up playing The Small Faces Convention a number of times, at which we met and recorded a bit with Toby Marriott (the great Steve's son), which led on to playing with Greg Ridley of Humble Pie. This unfortunately was cut very short when Greg died in 2002. However with the Rock n Roll still breathing fire in me I ended up playing for Del Bromham, doing his solo bluesy stuff.

We had a real blast doing a mini tour of the North of England and into Scotland. Excellent blokes, great gigs, amazing webmistress, and loads of beer.

So, this is my life-story so far... In short... crap guitarist, turned bassist, heard Bonham, played loads, did some great gigs, met Del... more great gigs. SPLENDID!!!!!

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