Here I stand full of fear, I wonder what the hell I'm doing here?
Don't know these people, they don't know me
I've only seen their country on T.V.

At 1600 and number 10, you think you are above all other men.
You've got the power but it's no game
These are the actions of a world that's gone insane!
Woh oh!

I hear the cry of a mothers tears, she has lost the life of one she holds so dear.
She raises hands up to the sky and asks her God the question
"Tell me why?"
Woh oh!
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (repeat)

I have my life I have my gun, I'm telling you I don't wanna shoot no-one.
I'm just a man and here I stand
Don't want the blood of someone on my hands.
Woh oh!
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (repeat twice)

Packed in boxes on a plane, send them home with just a flag on their remains.
Yellow ribbons on the trees
Stay in their minds for all eternity!
Woh oh!
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue (repeat three times)